Prices and conditions of the therapy

Price list

Price Duration
Hypnotherapy 700 CZK (€ 25) 90 minutes/session
Crisis intervention 400 CZK (€ 15) 50 minutes/session

Payment methods

  • Payment in cash

    In this case pays the client an appropriate amount of money at the end of the session. Thank you for having prepared the exact sum of money.

  • Payment by credit

    Client can alternatively transfer the money to our bank account according to the instructions given in the confirmation e-mail. The transference must be finished till the begining of the arranged session. Otherwise is the client obliged to present a written confirmation the payment was booked successfully (payment order is not a sufficient document), or pay the session in cash. If the client doesn’t prove the payment, nor pays the session in cash, the session will be cancelled according to the cancellation rules mentioned below.

Cancellation policy

The reservation of a therapeutic session is firm. After its confirmation from the part of a therapeutic centre (most commonly via a confirmation e-mail) is the client therefore obliged to reimburse the appropriate price of the session. In case the client cannot meet the reserved term, it is possible to cancel the session – no later than 36 hours before the beginning of the session. The cancellation may be done using the contacts mentioned in the confirmation e-mail. If the cancellation is proceeded less than 36 hours before the beginning of the session or if the client does not arrive without any excuse, the client is obliged to pay the cancellation fee which is then 100% of the session cost. The cancellation fee must be paid by bank transfer, unless dealed otherwise with the therapeutist.  The cancellation fee is due 7 week days since the day of the session cancelled.

Thank you for recpecting the rules mentioned above, particularly with the respect to other client interested in the time you have not made use of.

Clients’ anonymity

The centre of the crisis intervention and hypnotherapy KAIROS ensures you a complete privacy. It has no contract with any health insurance company and is therefore not obliged to keep data about its clients which would be destinated for inspection by other institututions. The contents of the therapies is used, in an anonymous form, only during supervision meetings..