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We would like to kindly invite you to find out more information about our services on these web pages. You can, amongst others, also use the on-line reservation form to book the initial therapy session.

We strongly believe you will be able to find here answers on most of your questions. In case of any other inquiries don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon at the centre of crisis intervention and hypnotherapy KAIROS!

About us

The term «kairos» is derived from the name of Greek god of the right time, Kairos (in latin called Caerus). Kairos is usually portrayed as a winged man with his head shaved on the top of the head and long locks in the forehead. That’s where one can seize the opportunity with both hands.

Old Greek had several expressions for time. It distinguished from so called «chronos» describing passing, chronological time, which can be measured by the watch or in the calendar. The word  «kairos» on the other hand means the appropriate moment, the right time for something.

We believe, that the name of our centre will be a symbol announcing the right time for mitigation and cessation of the problems you are facing.

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Offered services

Therapy reservation

You can use the  on-line reservation form to book the initial hypnotherapeutic session or a crisis intervention. The subsequent sessions will be arranged in person.

In case of any questions please use the e-mail booking@kairos-hk.cz.